Almost Complete! The Toystore Update!

This update brings big changes to the game. Including but not limited too.
- Music and SFX
- The Toy Store
- The Nightmare
As well as an actual end state!

To list it all would probably out cap the allotted text limit of this post. Just go and play!

This has been a rough year. Remember folks, we're students, not professionals. And this is a school project. But our heart and soul has gone into this, and more than anything else we feel good about it thus far. Our goal in the coming week is to flesh out various aspects of the project as well as bug fix, from there the project will be complete, and we'll be tagging it as such. Expect a fine bit of polish in just under a week.

If you're wondering who's been making these posts, that would be Design Lead, Connor! (Or Astryiah, whatever you feel comfortable with). However, if you want to hear from our other members, just ask. (I'm sure I can coerce them to respond). While we are on the topic of team members, we picked up a new one this semester, Charlie. An amazing programmer, we couldn't have gotten this far without him, and he certainly helped with the pathing and AI.


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May 07, 2021

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