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You have just come out of your hiding spot, after attempting to play hide and seek with your mother. You assume she may be hiding, it's up to you to venture out into the wilds of the mall and find her. Facing the horrors in the process.


Design/Project Lead - Christopher Villapuda: https://the-wonderer.itch.io/
Design Lead/Scrum Master - Connor Perfect: https://astryiah.itch.io/

Lead Artist - Jack Kolpak: https://jackport2.weebly.com/

Tech Lead - Martin Johnson: https://littlefieryone.itch.io/
Technician - Charlie Sokolovsky: https://charliesoko.myportfolio.com/

Character and Animation Artists- 
Al Lui: https://alliuart.wordpress.com/ 
Rhonda Le :https://rhlesite.wordpress.com/

Lead Sound Artist - Gareth Davies: https://www.garethdaviesaudio.com/
Composer - Brandon C Stanley: https://www.brandonstanleycomposer.com/

Install instructions

Instructions: Download the Zip and unpack to a preferred a location.
Run HGP.exe

Controls: WASD- Move
Shift - Sprint
Space - Interact
Mouse - Select Dialogue.


FrightNight.zip 116 MB

Development log

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